Tech Mahindra and Israel Aerospace Industries officially form a partnership

ELTA Systems which is a subsidiary of IAI and Tech Mahindra have finally partnered up in order to provide cyber-related solutions along with services to the enterprise customers in India along with the government all across the world. IAI is known to be one of the globally recognized companies in the world as of today. It is known to develop commercial and military aerospace technologies. It is also a known fact that this is one of the leading cyber security companies in Israel. This particular partnership is basically aimed towards the delivering and designing of C-SOCs, forensic laboratories, and CERTs.

The whole procedure is going to be leveraging on orchestration tools along with the state of the art technology in art automation, AI along with Machine learning analytics. This partnership is also going to be offering training, consultation along with managed security services that are going to be based on national level procedures and methodologies which will in turn help in developing technologies for the future. These technologies are going to be of nature which is going to be able to meet up with the evolving challenges in the field of the cyber domain.

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra Mr. CP Gurnani state that they are actually pretty excited for this partnership with the IAI. He believes that the strategic partnership is going to be the beginning of a brand new chapter which will help in tackling all of the cybersecurity threats which affects the people at a global level in this digital era. He further states that this following partnership is going to usher a new era. It will be acting as a multiplier force for the company’s robust cybersecurity expertise all across the world.

The company’s SOC capabilities along with the help of IAI’s broad spectrum of defense products and cyber intelligence will be actually helping the company in providing services in different and new areas including cyber protection, intelligence, integrated cyber resilience, monitoring etc.

The General Manager and VP of IAIs, Mr. Esti Peshin states that they are pretty much confident with regards to the company Mahindra’s cybersecurity professionals. They are of the belief that the experienced team is going to be able to fully equip the IAI technology with a certain sustainable competitive advantage. Through this process, they will be able to prevent cyber-attacks and will also be able to improve their ability to scale up rapidly having and controlling cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

The ELTA Systems is actually one of the leading companies in relation to defense electronics in Israel relating to the field of Surveillance, intelligence, HLS, ISTAR, self-defense and self-protection along with fire control applications.

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