Netflix to enable users to choose the ending of movies and TV series on its platform

It was reported by Bloomberg on this Monday, that the video streaming giant Netflix is now to invest the power to the users to choose the ending of a movie or a TV episode. With this decision, Netflix is moving towards interactive television.

It was also reported by Bloomberg, that Los Gatos which is a California based company is going to develop specials that will allow users to decide the ending of the storyline.

The animated program called the ‘Puss in Book’ was earlier released by Netflix where the user was allowed to choose alternative endings to the same story.

By the end of this year, it is expected that Netflix is going to release it’s the first project of the new line up. It is also planned that the popular sci-fi show of Netflix, the ‘black mirror’ will have an episode under this new undertaking. In the month of December this year, Black Mirror is most expectedly going to release its fifth season. However, Netflix did not comment anything on the matter as of now.