Toyota, PSA End Up Jointly Producing Pvs By 2021


Toyota, PSA end up jointly producing PVs by 2021, which will stop the long going partnership of both the carmakers for producing passenger vehicles. Since, both the organizations will proceed with the joint production of light commercial vehicles. Both the carmakers will proceed with the production of light commercial vehicles in France. PSA will collect commercial vehicles for Toyota at its Sevelnord plant in Northern France while the JVs Virgo based processing plant will produce new Toyota vehicles.

Toyota will secure PSA’s stake in the joint endeavor which incorporates both the gatherings at present and will coordinate the Czech based plant of Kolin into its modern contraption. The Kolin put together production line which is worked with respect to a greenfield site in Czech had added solidarity to the coordinated effort among Toyota and Suzuki. This is the place PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) and Toyota are collecting the Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo little vehicles at present.

The report comes very nearly a year after Toyota had declared a key association with Suzuki to grow new vehicles together. As per news reports, the vehicles which will be produced and fabricated in India will likewise be traded to a portion of the Asian and African markets.

The Toyota-Suzuki partnership will likewise be sharing cross-badged models which will be sold in both of the organizations’ dealerships in India. While Suzuki will impart the Baleno hatchback to Toyota which will be sold through Toyota dealerships, Toyota will share the Corolla medium size vehicle which will be sold through Maruti Suzuki dealerships in India. Be that as it may, it isn’t last yet which dealership will Suzuki retail the re-badged Corolla-the premium Nexa dealership or the standard Arena dealership.

Automobile giant Toyota set up a joint venture with SoftBank Group

Toyota Motors which is considered to be the number 1 automaker of Japan has finally made a decision of joining hands with one of the technological giants called SoftBank Group. This joint venture is basically aimed towards the creation of mobility services which they are calling as ‘United Japan’. It can be stated to be a kind of effort taken towards facing the global competition.

The total worth of this project/venture is around 20 million dollars which come down to around 2 billion yen which is going to take effect by the ending of the month of March.

It will be working on food deliveries, hospital shuttles, data analysis and on-demand vehicle service along with medical examinations onboard. This statement has been made by the company itself in one of the news conferences that was held at a Tokyo hotel.

Mr. Akio Toyoda who is the Chief Executive of Toyota states that many of the people must be wondering and asking the question why the teaming up of SoftBank and Toyota. He is of the belief that people must be thinking as to why one of the old styles manufactures is actually teaming up with such a newcomer being SoftBank.  The telecoms company along with the energy sector have had their past link ups only with overseas startups. The chief executive believes that they are in need of change. He has laid stress on the fact that the auto industry is actually changing with time. The change is happening in the era having autonomous driving, connected cars, electric vehicles, and car-sharing. He further states in his statement that the partnership with SoftBank is more due to the fact because SoftBank has earlier actually invested in other leading car-sharing corporations including Didi, Grab and Uber. They have also managed to acquire Arm who is supposed to be one of the leaders in the IoT which stands for Internet of Things.

According to Mr. Masayoshi, Son who is supposed to be the Chairman of SoftBank states that personally, he is actually thrilled with the whole idea of partnering up with Toyota. He is thrilled in partnering up with one of the topmost automakers in the field of mobility and AI.

He further adds that he is extremely excited about the whole idea. This statement was made by him while appearing alongside Toyoda. The two executives were seen praising each other in a profuse manner especially after the ending of the news conference.

Both the companies state that this particular Joint Venture is going to first hit Japan. However, there are talks to expand globally.

The percentage owned by Toyota is 49.75 while SoftBank will own 50.25 percent of the shares.