U.S Homeland Security Department in favour of tech firms disagrees to accuse China

The prestigious Department of Homeland Security, in the latest report, claimed to state that there is no basis for them to question the denials posed in by the various US technology companies concerning the fact that the Chinese spies possibly used a microchip to hack into the database of these companies.

In an e-mailed statement made by the press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Tyler Houlton, he stated that at this point in time, there is nothing suspicious for them to question or doubt the statements that have been made by the companies in the story. Some of the important companies like Amazon and Apple, who were part of the same, claimed that it was not China’s doing.

The infiltration of the databases and information stemmed primarily from the servers which were assembled by the San Jose based Super Micro Computer Inc. was further investigated as a solid part of the FBI-counter intelligence probe.

It was reported back on October 04, 2018 by Bloomberg Businessweek that it was the Chinese spies who exploited the vulnerabilities in the various US supply chain in order to infiltrate the computer networks of around 30 or so US companies.

The investigators traced tiny microchips which were smaller than sand grains in the manufactured products by the Supermicro. This company is considered as one of the biggest motherboard sellers and suppliers which act as the neurons of the various data centers. The investigators believe that it is these chips which paved its ways for the hackers to stealthily hack into the network.

Following these claims, all the primary involved big names in the US technology companies, Amazon, Apple, Supermicro and even the Chinese alliances denied all of these false accusations.

Representative Adam Schiff of California further commented on the matter saying that they are on the further lookout for more information regarding this from the intelligence committee following which they will reach out to the affected companies.

Although there is no confirmation, Schiff further stated that if the claims regarding China being the mastermind behind all of these hacks turn out to be true, it will further solidify how much lengths Beijing will go forth to get access to the information and necessary data of the American companies and resources.

Hong Kong stock market falls as tech industry incur heavy losses

While speaking about the Hong Kong stocks, it is relevant to mention that they are heading towards more losses. It is a continuous fourth-day loss for the stocks as on Friday while the Lenovo Group on the other hand who are makers of personal computers are actually taking the lead in lowering of the technological shares.

The company Lenovo that basically earns around one-third of its revenue from North America did slump by and around 17.6 percent after the news was recently reported by Bloomberg Businessweek on Thursday. The reports basically citing and getting its information from various sources state that the Chinese spies have actually managed to place out tiny little chips in the servers that are basically in use by around 30 different U.S companies including Apple and Amazon. The reports suggest that this particular move has been taken in order to infiltrate the systems.

The investors, on the other hand, are actually worried that the United States is going to be taking strict measures in order to retaliate against all of the Chinese products. The investors are also worried furthermore that the U.S will be issuing a sanction against the technological products made by China. This particular statement has been made by one Eric Yuen who is supposed to be the chief research analyst from Mason Securities. Taking into account the current condition of the market which is basically weak it can be safely said that any sort of negative news will only lead in getting an overreaction.

The stocks of ZTE which is supposed to be one of the Telecomm equipment makers were hit the hardest. It slid down by and around 11.4 percent. One of the technological Holdings called AAC had a drop in their supplies of acoustic components which were going to Apple. The drop rate is around 1.9 percent. Even the iPhone suffered a decline of around 1.8 percent. This particular fall took place overnight in New York. According to one of the reports by Businessweek, the iPhone makers also declared that they had not been able to find any malicious chip in any of the servers. However, this did not make any difference. There was still a decline in their stocks.

This particular report has come out especially at such a time when there is a spat going on between both the countries in regards to trade. Both the countries are known to levy punitive tariffs. These tariffs are being imposed on imports amounting to tens of billions of dollars.

There is also a decline of 0.4 percent of the Hang Seng Index by noon. The index has basically dropped by and around 4.6 percent this week by far. The mainland markets, on the other hand, are going to be reopening as of Monday. This is taking place, especially after the weeklong National Day holidays. There are even reports stating that even the energy producers are the ones to suffer due to this strife.

Tim Cook contradicts the data breach calls tech companies that collect user data ‘bunch of bunk’

Cook states, after hinting at the data breach instances at Facebook that this particular kind of data breach will be not be happening at Apple because of the fact that the personal data that it does collect, stay locked up in the iPhones whereby even the company Apple have access to it.

Cook debunked the data myth by stating that technological companies collect more information from the customers in order to create quality products. He also stated in an interview with Vice news tonight, that technology companies that gather information from the customers claiming that they need it for providing them with better services are just nothing but a bunch of bunks.

However, Cook did not take any company’s name but it seemed that he hinted at the giant companies like the Google and Facebook who are known to rely heavily on data sharing with the third parties.

Cook also stated that for him privacy is of utmost importance. He also added that the company Apple is not involved in creating a detailed profile of its users.

Cook also stated that they design a product in a way so that they have to collect only the littlest of information. Once they have gathered the data, they focus on encrypting it.

In the month of October, Apple enforced a new policy regarding the privacy of the user’s information and how they should be used.

Facebook in their defense stated that hackers had got access to login codes which allow them to access about 50 million accounts on Facebook.

Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra turns a tech investor in a startup

The Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is finally excited to embark on a completely new chapter of her life as one of the investors in the Tech start-up Holberton School. This particular school is actually a coding education company.

This is also a kind of effort on Priyanka’s part to help in changing the tech industries gender discrimination.

She states, that this is a completely new chapter for her. She is extremely excited to partner up with Holberton and Bumble as one of the investors. She feels honoured to be able to join two of the largest companies that actually strive in expanding gender diversity in relation to tech space and also by making a social impact on the greater good.

As an investor, this is one of her first projects. Priyanka has recently had a tour of the San Francisco home regarding her latest portfolio company. It is a company which utilizes group learning and projects instead of using much more traditional courses.

She further states that geeks are actually taking over the world that is if they have not already. She also said that she doesn’t want to belong in the class of those people who would actually be like they are wanting to be on the tech banned wagon.

Indian IT companies targeting start-ups to expand business globally

A new commerce start-up was already in function with few of the leading banks of India when it actually entered into a partnership with Infosys Finacle just a year back. Since then, Infosys has provided its full support to the Bengaluru start-up in boosting its client base up to sevenfold.

Sachin Jaiswal, who is the CEO of the start-up, stated that this partnership with Infosys has actually helped them tremendously. For a start-up, it is extremely difficult to market its business with limited resources. Finacle also maintains a similar relationship with ToneTag for providing it with a payment solution.

Most of the IT services in India have faced difficulties in the past decade due to fast changing in technology. Today, more and more customers are investing in newer digital projects. But the fact that a major part of the revenue comes from the traditional services, IT services in India are actually facing a setback.

Tech Mahindra has signed a new partnership with Avaamo in order to produce AI solutions to the international enterprises. According to Ram Menon, the CEO of Avaamo, this kind of partnership results in the benefit for both the companies.

Donald Trump planning to meet Google CEO and other tech executives in October

The U.S. President Mr. Donald J Trump is finally planning to meet with the CEO of Google MR Sundar Pichai along with other tech delegates and executives this particular month at one of the social media summit.

One of the White House economic advisers Mr. Larry Kudlow states as of Tuesday that the administration is actually hoping that Twitter along with Facebook decides to send representatives over to the meeting. Kudlow is known to further add that this particular event will most likely be happening in the middle of October. However, there is no concrete date that has been set as of yet.

There are various prominent conservatives along with the President who are accusing social media giants including Google, Twitter, and Facebook of silencing the right-leaning voices on this particular platform. The suspected practice is named as shadow banning.

In the words of Kudlow himself, he had a meeting with the Google CEO just last Friday. He termed the meeting to be great.

Pichai is known to have drawn the flack from the senators around last month after a failed attempt in sending an executive to the hearing. However, he has finally agreed to appear at another.