Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra turns a tech investor in a startup

The Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is finally excited to embark on a completely new chapter of her life as one of the investors in the Tech start-up Holberton School. This particular school is actually a coding education company.

This is also a kind of effort on Priyanka’s part to help in changing the tech industries gender discrimination.

She states, that this is a completely new chapter for her. She is extremely excited to partner up with Holberton and Bumble as one of the investors. She feels honoured to be able to join two of the largest companies that actually strive in expanding gender diversity in relation to tech space and also by making a social impact on the greater good.

As an investor, this is one of her first projects. Priyanka has recently had a tour of the San Francisco home regarding her latest portfolio company. It is a company which utilizes group learning and projects instead of using much more traditional courses.

She further states that geeks are actually taking over the world that is if they have not already. She also said that she doesn’t want to belong in the class of those people who would actually be like they are wanting to be on the tech banned wagon.