Lindsey Graham Expresses Saudi Crown Prince Will Not Get A Waiver If He Creates Dangerous Situations For Living


Lindsey Graham expresses Saudi crown prince will not get a waiver if he is creates dangerous situations for living. Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker and others demanded for senator’s orientation about any probable role of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Graham said that Congress is going to observe his every move and is not going to neglect bin Salman if he wants to make this world a dangerous place to live in. He will not offer a despotic leader a pass.

Corker, the forthcoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that Secretary of Defense James Mattis, CIA Director Gina Haspel and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are required to address the full Senate about the condition in Yemen and the position behind Khashoggi’s termination prior to senators determine the actions to take against Saudi Arabia.

The aspiration is to render the address on Wednesday. After they hear it firsthand they will determine what resolution to take in the Senate. He also said that they do not want others to proceed in the same direction.

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa said that she welcomes congressional action. Ernst said he expects an additional look into the matter. If there are signs of prince being bewildered in this murder then we require to totally contemplate additional action


Saudi Reinforcement By Trump Underscores Ferocity Of America First Belief


Saudi reinforcement by Trump underscores ferocity of America first belief.  The President has sent a clear message by letting Saudi Arabia get away with the assassination of US-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as to how America will carry out its business in the world.

Declining to sever ties with Saudi strongman Mohammed Bin Salman over the assassination in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Trump efficiently told worldwide autocrats that if they support him, Washington will sideline the actions that breach established US values.

But more than that by emphasizing the “billions” of dollars in Saudi speculation in the US, Trump clarified that Washington has a price, the proposition that generations of Americans have admired are for sale.

Trump wrote that the world is a perilous place; it is called America First, thereby competently contradicting the notion of American Exceptionalism, the design that US is set about on a distinctive, moral expedition epitomized by assistance for freedom, democracy and comprehensive values.

The President’s resolution to acknowledge the long pending question of how he will answer to assassination of the Washington Post columnist disclosed other facets of the Trump doctrine in one of the most every day and deviant stylistic assertion on US foreign policy ever written.

It showcased a President disposed to disregard and anticipate US reasoning evaluation that dissent with his political aims. His willingness to provide Saudi Arabia constituted another blow to the global rule of law and worldwide liability, concepts Trump has displayed meager amount of aspiration to enforce in nearly two years in office.