LendInvest Online Property Platform In The UK To Raise 39.5 Billion Dollars In Funding

One of the leading online property finance platforms called LendInvest has finally closed at 39.5 million dollars with regards to the Series C funding round that is going to be comprised of both equity and debt. This particular funding has been in the process all throughout the summer. It can be viewed as a method to position the UK based company for an IPO which stands for Initial public offering at a certain point in the near future. The company states that the Atomico led the whole round along with the help of new investors including GP Bullhound and Tiger Management.

The Series C is known to follow the last round worth 17 million pounds in the month of March 2016. LendInvest states that this is what enabled the platform in order to accelerate the investment in the technology field and then being able to enter the UK BTL market. The company has raised a total capital of around 1 billion pounds which is supposed to be growth capital.

The CEO and co-founder of the company Mr. Christian Faes state that the raising of the capital was not absolutely necessary in order to fund out the ongoing operations due to the fact that the firm actually has been profitable for quite some time now. Faes further states that the funding is all about beefing up the balance sheet in order to position the company better for any future opportunities.

He further states that the funding rounds are being done at a sensible valuation which does not really set the company for any kind of failure. He states that his co-founder along with himself still own around 70 percent of the total company still. He states that there are no quirky liquidation preference stacks that will seek to distort or change any true valuations. He further states that the company is a straightforward player which is building up a big business especially for the long term.

Faes further states that by using the technology the company will be building a completely new type of financial servicing firm. The firm is also going to be extremely scalable.

He states that it feels great to receive help and backing from Atomico who are known to have been great partners in the business. They are the ones to have brought out the new investors in Tiger and GP Bullhound who are also helping in achieving their ambition.

The company is known to be a leader in the mortgage sector in the UK having multiple products including bridge finance, BTL, and development finance. Till date, the company has lent a total amount of more than 1.94 billion dollars towards 5000 UK properties.

One of the partners at Atomico Mr. Mattias Ljungman states that they are actually impressed with the company’s ability in dealing with and disrupting the established lending industry.

He states that their company is excited to work along with LendInvest due to a high growth trajectory. He is looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this particular business.

Origo receives a funding of 80 crores to support agricultural financing

Origo commodities have finally raised an amount of 80 crores as funding from a complete string of investors that include Caspian SME impact fund IV, Oiko Credit and Triodos investment management.

According to the co-founders, Mr. Mayank Dhanuka and Sunoor Kaul, they are extremely excited and looking forward to the partnership. They are looking forward to leveraging their investor’s experience in order to further origo’s growth to strengthen their products and also to reach out to people in need of logistics and financing solutions.

Unitus Capital has basically acted as their exclusive financial advisor for this particular transaction.

The business models of Origo actually allow them to serve all of the participants belonging to the agriculture value chain. This is stated by Mr. Anirudh Sarda, who is the equity officer at Oiko Credit. He further adds that with their investment, they are basically aiming to support Origo in order to create positive impacts within the particular value chain.

According to Mr. Ravi Nara Simham, who is the investment director at Caspian, they see Origo being able to play a vital role in the providing of end-to-end solutions for sellers and buyers at each and every stage regarding the commodity supply chain. They are extremely excited regarding the relationship and are also looking forward to working alongside the company.

Origo commodities were founded in the year 2010 which does help in providing post-harvest agriculture supply chain, logistics, and financing solutions. Today, it was known to have a presence in an around 12 states all across India and also helps in managing agricultural commodities worth around 8000 crores.