OYO Rooms India plans to expand to appoint 2020 employees by 2020

In a recent report, the new hotel company OYO stated its new plan of hiring 2020 people by the end of 2020. The group of hires and employees will range from technology experts to engineers. This announcement was made on the launch of the maiden tech conference of OYO.

This event also witnessed the launch of an amazing tech-based product whose main highlight was the fact that it eases the process of hotel bookings. These applications introduced by OYO is expected to automate customers, hotel partners as well as the employee touch points.

The founder and CEO of OYO, Mr. Ritest Agarwal expressed his pleasure and excitement after the successful inauguration of OYO’s very first tech conference. He further said that their current count of technology experts at OYO is 700 who are currently enabling over 10,000+ global partners to make them players in the niche of hospitality. He further stated that he has around more 2020 experts joining their team by 2020 and their plan is to include investments in technologies like that of artificial intelligence, IoT as well as machine learning.

Adding to the words of the CEO, the COO of the company, Anil Goel stated that with OYO now being on the forefront of the hospitality department, they are going to change the facet of the niche. They are currently on the lookout for more investment opportunities in the field of IoT, machine learning and AI.

OYO currently has over 20+ technological products which are catering to various business verticals. The company further emphasizes saying that with the AI-based algorithms, it helps in predicting the best-suited properties in the best price for their customers along with the collaboration of the bots helping them in assisting the customers a lot better.

Indian IT companies targeting start-ups to expand business globally

A new commerce start-up was already in function with few of the leading banks of India when it actually entered into a partnership with Infosys Finacle just a year back. Since then, Infosys has provided its full support to the Bengaluru start-up in boosting its client base up to sevenfold.

Sachin Jaiswal, who is the CEO of the start-up, stated that this partnership with Infosys has actually helped them tremendously. For a start-up, it is extremely difficult to market its business with limited resources. Finacle also maintains a similar relationship with ToneTag for providing it with a payment solution.

Most of the IT services in India have faced difficulties in the past decade due to fast changing in technology. Today, more and more customers are investing in newer digital projects. But the fact that a major part of the revenue comes from the traditional services, IT services in India are actually facing a setback.

Tech Mahindra has signed a new partnership with Avaamo in order to produce AI solutions to the international enterprises. According to Ram Menon, the CEO of Avaamo, this kind of partnership results in the benefit for both the companies.