Donald Trump planning to meet Google CEO and other tech executives in October

The U.S. President Mr. Donald J Trump is finally planning to meet with the CEO of Google MR Sundar Pichai along with other tech delegates and executives this particular month at one of the social media summit.

One of the White House economic advisers Mr. Larry Kudlow states as of Tuesday that the administration is actually hoping that Twitter along with Facebook decides to send representatives over to the meeting. Kudlow is known to further add that this particular event will most likely be happening in the middle of October. However, there is no concrete date that has been set as of yet.

There are various prominent conservatives along with the President who are accusing social media giants including Google, Twitter, and Facebook of silencing the right-leaning voices on this particular platform. The suspected practice is named as shadow banning.

In the words of Kudlow himself, he had a meeting with the Google CEO just last Friday. He termed the meeting to be great.

Pichai is known to have drawn the flack from the senators around last month after a failed attempt in sending an executive to the hearing. However, he has finally agreed to appear at another.