Epson announces the establishment of a new tech center in California

Epson America incorporation did announce the opening of the technology center of Epson in Carson situated in California as of today. The Epson technological center is going to showcase all of the unique printing solutions of Epson along with its applications. This is going to be done while providing a hands-on experience and a comprehensive experience for the dealers and the customers along with the wide format printing portfolio of Epson that includes signage, dye-sublimation, direct to garment printing and photography solutions.

Whether a person is new to Epson technologies or is expanding their offerings, the technology center does provide one of the most outstanding opportunities for dealers and customers alike to experience first-hand capabilities with regards to Epson technology for professional imaging in a single location. According to the director of Epson America Incorporated Mr. Andreas Goehringe, they do know that buying the new imaging hardware is going to be a major investment, and that the technological center is going to allow the customers to experience the latest technologies utilizing their very own files. This will help them in making a much more informed purchase.

Epson along with the Epson technological center will be working with dealers so as to launch Epson certified solution centers across all the key metropolitan areas later during this year. The certified solution centers are going to be providing potential customers having a much closer look at the company’s award-winning professional based imaging technology. It is the perfect opportunity to engage with the product experts and also runs the test print samples with the help of using their very own files.

The new Epson technological center at Carson is going to give the dealers and customers a much deeper outlook into the ways and means to expand the services and also improve the workflow with Epson solutions that will also include the sure color F-series dye-sublimation along with the direct-to-garment printers which are for textile applications. It will also include the sure colour P-series printers which are specially made for proofing, photography along with graphic designing. It will also include the sure colour S-series which are solvent printers for vehicle graphics, signage and also fine art reproduction.

The technological centers along with Epson’s professional imaging products are also known to include color label solutions along with automated robots. One needs to visit the site to schedule an appointment. In order to learn much more about the professional imaging solutions of Epson’s, one needs to visit

Epson is actually one of the global technology leaders that are dedicated to connecting people, information and things with all of it are original compacts, efficient and precise technologies. It has a line-up that does range from digital printing systems along with inkjet printers to having three LCD projectors, industrial robots and watches. The company has it focuses on driving out innovations and also exceeding the customer expectations in robotics, inkjet, visual communication, and wearable.

Tech Mahindra all set to establish an Enterprise Business System in India

Tech Mahindra is going to establish and maintain an EBS which stands for Enterprise Business System. This will be done in order to automate and modernize the processes of the port for 5 ports that are owned by the central government for Rs 350 crore which will include taxes.

The Indian Ports Association issued a tender which was won by Tech Mahindra according to which they are going to establish a common shared platform on the behalf of Paradip Port Trust, Kolkata port trust, Chennai port trust, Deenadayal port trust which was formerly known as the Kandla Port and the Mumbai port. This was stated by the shipping ministry.

The EBS aims to improve India’s raking in enabling faster processing of requests in the delivery of services with an improved turnaround time, doing business, decrease in the manual documentation required, decrease in the overall transaction costs and time, faster turn round of vessels along with a less dwell time, increased efficiency in the port operations, easy and simplified procedures for entry of cargo and improve transparency across the systems.

The time period for the implementation and stabilization of the project is around 20 months. However, the maintenance and operations support is for about 5 years.

Tech Mahindra is known to enter into a partnership with SAP, Dell, CISCO, Envision, and RTCom in order to roll-out the EBS for the 5 port trusts.

EBS is going to compromise on the three main solution components which include standard ERP solutions, port operations solutions and auxiliary solutions. It is also going to integrate with the PCS which stands for Port Community System and also with other enterprise business standard processes, retained applications of ports and shared infrastructure on the cloud so that it can become the next generation system that can serve the purpose of the ports in the years to come.

The system is known to be run by simple, transparent, error-free business processes along with the use of the latest technologies in order to achieve business objectives and also to integrate prevalent devices and systems. The solution suggests a cafeteria approach for the ports. This will give them the right to choose the systems according to their need.

Other ports of the central government which includes the Jawaharlal Nehru port trust, Kamrajar port ltd, Visakhapatnam port trust, Cochin port trust, new Mangalore port trust, VO Chidambaram port trust, and Mormugao port trust are already known to run an ERP system which is established by them on their own.

An official stated that the number of staff will decrease as repetitive jobs will come to an end. The shipping ministry already has a frozen recruitment at Class 3 level for more than 10 years now.

The official also stated that the strength of the workers will reduce as there will be no more repetitive jobs. ERP is known to provide end-to-end solutions which will provide the all the departments with an integrated making data and information which will be readily available and thus, resulting in easy decision making.