Tim Cook contradicts the data breach calls tech companies that collect user data ‘bunch of bunk’

Cook states, after hinting at the data breach instances at Facebook that this particular kind of data breach will be not be happening at Apple because of the fact that the personal data that it does collect, stay locked up in the iPhones whereby even the company Apple have access to it.

Cook debunked the data myth by stating that technological companies collect more information from the customers in order to create quality products. He also stated in an interview with Vice news tonight, that technology companies that gather information from the customers claiming that they need it for providing them with better services are just nothing but a bunch of bunks.

However, Cook did not take any company’s name but it seemed that he hinted at the giant companies like the Google and Facebook who are known to rely heavily on data sharing with the third parties.

Cook also stated that for him privacy is of utmost importance. He also added that the company Apple is not involved in creating a detailed profile of its users.

Cook also stated that they design a product in a way so that they have to collect only the littlest of information. Once they have gathered the data, they focus on encrypting it.

In the month of October, Apple enforced a new policy regarding the privacy of the user’s information and how they should be used.

Facebook in their defense stated that hackers had got access to login codes which allow them to access about 50 million accounts on Facebook.