U.S Homeland Security Department in favour of tech firms disagrees to accuse China

The prestigious Department of Homeland Security, in the latest report, claimed to state that there is no basis for them to question the denials posed in by the various US technology companies concerning the fact that the Chinese spies possibly used a microchip to hack into the database of these companies.

In an e-mailed statement made by the press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Tyler Houlton, he stated that at this point in time, there is nothing suspicious for them to question or doubt the statements that have been made by the companies in the story. Some of the important companies like Amazon and Apple, who were part of the same, claimed that it was not China’s doing.

The infiltration of the databases and information stemmed primarily from the servers which were assembled by the San Jose based Super Micro Computer Inc. was further investigated as a solid part of the FBI-counter intelligence probe.

It was reported back on October 04, 2018 by Bloomberg Businessweek that it was the Chinese spies who exploited the vulnerabilities in the various US supply chain in order to infiltrate the computer networks of around 30 or so US companies.

The investigators traced tiny microchips which were smaller than sand grains in the manufactured products by the Supermicro. This company is considered as one of the biggest motherboard sellers and suppliers which act as the neurons of the various data centers. The investigators believe that it is these chips which paved its ways for the hackers to stealthily hack into the network.

Following these claims, all the primary involved big names in the US technology companies, Amazon, Apple, Supermicro and even the Chinese alliances denied all of these false accusations.

Representative Adam Schiff of California further commented on the matter saying that they are on the further lookout for more information regarding this from the intelligence committee following which they will reach out to the affected companies.

Although there is no confirmation, Schiff further stated that if the claims regarding China being the mastermind behind all of these hacks turn out to be true, it will further solidify how much lengths Beijing will go forth to get access to the information and necessary data of the American companies and resources.